The Eatweeds Spring Online Foraging Course

Hi, I’m Robin Harford, and I have been running foraging courses all over the country for the last fifteen years.

These events are always fully booked, and the waiting list is in the thousands.

So in 2023, I am running a series of online foraging courses for folks who cannot make my in-person events. The first one, Spring, is a six-week class starting in April 2023.

I created this online course specifically for people who want to become safe, confident and knowledgeable foragers. It’s like having me right by your side as your personal plant guide.

If you’ve read the books and the websites and still need something more. Then my Spring online foraging course will help you succeed.

Through weekly practices, motivation, inspiration, a 24/7 community, and the opportunity to ask me questions in our weekly Zoom meetings.

I provide the structure you need to deepen your connection with plants and the rest of the natural world.

I look forward to getting to know you. I will send full details about the Spring online foraging course in March.

To receive them, please enter your email in the form below.

About Robin Harford

I established my wild food foraging school in 2008, and my foraging courses are listed at the top of BBC Countryfile’s ‘Best foraging courses in the UK’.

I am the creator of Michelin chef Richard Corrigen recommended this site for inclusion in The Times Top 50 Websites For Food and Drink.

I have travelled extensively, documenting and recording wild food plants’ traditional and local uses in indigenous cultures. My work has taken me to Africa, India, SE Asia, Europe and the USA.

Occasionally I appear on national and local radio and television.

My work has been recommended in BBC Good Food magazine, Sainsbury’s magazine, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, etc.

I am also a member of the Society of Economic Botany and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.