Staghorn Sumac Lemonade

Summary: Try this delicious, thirst-quenching staghorn sumac lemonade recipe. So simple even a child could make it.

At this time of year (Nov) there are still large numbers of staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) available.

This thirst quenching drink develops a lovely pink colour, and the sharpness makes it a perfect alternative to tangy lemonade. A great staghorn sumach recipe to try if this is your first time working with the plant.

Staghorn Sumac Recipe Ingredients

  • 5 staghorn sumach flower heads
  • 1 litre of warm water
  • honey (to taste)

Staghorn Sumac Recipe Instructions

  • Get a 1 litre capacity jug, and put the staghorn sumach flower heads into it. Next pour over the warm water and weight down so the heads are submerged. Leave for a couple of hours or overnight. Sweeten with honey, and serve chilled. Delicious.

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  1. Hi Robin, I’ve just seen the sumac lemonade. Can I use the sumac flowers head now in June as I know your recipe have November for the recipe. I’ve loads of head on my sumac and wondered if I can use these now.

  2. Angie: Yes if they are nice and red. Touch them then lick your fingers. If they taste zingy, use them.

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