Here’s How To Fast-Track Your Summer Plant ID Skills And Quickly Become A Safe, Confident Forager

What The Press Say

  • ‘Highly rated’ – The Guardian
  • ‘One of Britain’s most dedicated foragers’ – The Lady
  • ‘A revelation!’ – BBC Good Food Magazine

The Eatweeds Summer Online Foraging Course is now live. And provides you with a wealth of practical, useable wild edible plant knowledge.

During this twelve week interactive online foraging course, you get access to a trusted, learning resource that builds into your own comprehensive plant library.

Wild Edible Plant Videos

Each plant video makes identification easy and effortless. You’ll learn the plant’s historical use, identification features, where to find it, and how to cook it, plus much more.

Inspire You To Start Playing With Wild Edible Plants In Your Kitchen

Your friends and loved ones will be amazed. You’ll find lots of mouth-watering recipes for each plant we explore.

Identify Plants Quickly And Easily

My unique way of teaching plant identification makes it quick, easy and painless to get up to speed as a competent forager.

Community Circle Catch-Ups And Peer Learning

Between Monday and Friday I will be on hand to answer your questions inside the learning platform.

I also host weekly community meetings via zoom. There’s a considerable amount of knowledge within the community itself, so you’ll be able to get help and support from other members.

It’s Like Having An Expert Foraging Teacher On Speed Dial On Your Phone

Download the mobile iOS and Android app and watch and learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

You’re also notified as soon as new content is posted to the learning dashboard.

Perfect for when you are out foraging in the city, hedgerow, coast, marsh, moor or woods.

A 20 Year Track Record Of Teaching Tens Of Thousands Of Students How To Forage

When you’ve taught as many people as I have, you know that not everyone can eat the same plants. And most foraging books don’t teach you this either.

Joining the Eatweeds Spring Online Course means you get my unique insight into wild food plants found at this time of year.

Knowledge that comes from over two decades of daily experience and deep historical research.

Back in 2019 I had a private online teaching community called Gather, at its height it had hundreds of students.

Many went on to become extraordinary foraging teachers in their own right.

Here’s What The Spring Students Said About Their Experience

‘A community encouraging insight, and an amazing Mentor. My awareness of the ecosystem in our nature reserve has greatly improved as a result. I thank Robin for creating this community and allowing us to learn from his rich experience, and in a very fun way.’ – Michael Scott

‘I’ve often heard people say they wish they could download Robin’s brain and I think this is the closest we’re going to get!’ – Adam Reeve (foraging teacher)

‘My love of the plants and my interaction with them was given a massive boost by your knowledge. I am now starting the pre-study for a PhD in Mycology. Your enthusiasm for the world around us is infectious, thank you.’ – Pip Martin

‘An incredible asset to my foraging education!’ – Liza Jasmina Stirling (foraging teacher)

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you let me know which days and Month are the course on in this five weeks?

The class starts on Tuesday, 2nd April and finishes on Tuesday, 7th May.

You continue to have access to the material until 31st December 2024.

I am available Monday to Friday (10am to 4pm) to answer any questions you have until 7th May 2024.

Am I expected to attend every day? What happens if some days I am not available?

The course is self directed over the five weeks and it is not essential, but highly recommended, to attend the once a week Zoom meeting, which will be on a Thursday evening between 6.30pm and 7.30pm.

Because the videos are pre-recorded, there is no need for you to be ‘available’, as you can watch them when you have the time.

I do recommend you watch them daily, so you don’t find yourself with a backlog and don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of content.

The class is live in the sense that I am available to answer questions and to host the weekly Zoom meeting.

How often are videos and course work posted?

I post a ‘plant of the day’ video every day between Monday to Friday.

If something is unclear, you can always ask me.

There is also a comments section for each lesson, so you and other students can share what you learned after working with a plant.

How long are the videos?

The videos are short and concise (I try and keep them less than 15 minutes), because the purpose is for you to find the plant I talked about, and work with it, then report back your experience in the community.

There are also a selection of practices for working with the plants and you can choose which ones you want to explore to learn about the plant of the day.

When the class ends do I have access to the videos and course material?

Yes, you continue to have access to the material until 31st December 2024.

Click here to enrol.