Talking dandelions


  1. I love this so so much. Viva la revolution! I’m currently seated in my lounge room on a grey, wet day but listening to this made me feel as though I were lying out on my uncut lawn with the dandelions sprouting up all around, making me breathe deep and smile. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful Robin ……
    This stopped my partner in his tracks and gained his attention !
    He’s not one for poetry but your words moved him and myself !
    Thank you for reminding these allotmenteers that this beautiful, giving plant is not just something to move to the compost heap but a jewel in itself, to be valued and respected.

    Helen and Mark in a treehouse in Dorset ?

  3. Oh my goodness how beautiful
    Thank you for sharing heart singing lushness …
    Smiles and smiling
    Its like the dandelion is the archetypal giver of Uranus…
    Principle of change, new beginnings of all kinds, rebel, the innovator, the awakener,
    Love the ensouled connectedness .

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