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The Eatweeds Cookbook

The Eatweeds Cookbook
  • In this delightful 150 page wild food cookbook, daily forager Robin Harford covers 39 plants with over 80 simple and easy to prepare recipes you can create in your kitchen. Each plant is beautifully illustrated with a Victorian botanical wood block print.
  • Having foraged for his daily supper for over ten years, these recipes come directly from his kitchen and have been field tested by hundreds of people on his foraging courses making this wild food recipe book perfect for foraging enthusiasts everywhere.
  • BONUS ESSAY: Included is Robin's inspirational 3000 word essay "Wild Flow", which was recently read at one of his foraging retreats. One course participant said "...very special and needs spreading to a wider audience."

Here’s What Folk Are Saying

Along with other classics in the ‘field’, this serves as a great up-to-date collection of ethical foraging wisdom, recipes and the sheer joy of being in touch with land that so few of us enjoy. – Andrew Tomlinson

This book is full of great recipes using free and freely available ingredients which are both delicious and nutritious. It is effectively a give-away at the price. It opens up a whole new world of food and drink using nature’s own larder. A must for any cook with a sense of adventure or for anyone who enjoys tasty food for free. – Jeff Ashby

I have been following Robin’s newsletter for ages and his hints and recipes never fail to tantalise! From the delicious to the sublime, it is so lovely to have them all in one place. This book is for anyone interested in delicious food but also for anyone interested in rekindling our inherent knowledge of wild foods. Fantastic! – Orlaith Murphy

Personally I am finding the “Eatweeds Cookbook” a great encouragement to my own experimentation with the use of edible weeds. The book covers a good variety of common edible weeds. It offers a good foundation for those developing habits in sustainable living. Thanks to the Robin for this most stimulating book. – Brian Johnston