The Green Path: Practical Ways to Reconnect With Plants, Self and Soil

The Green Path is a seven-part audio class on embodied nature connection. It teaches practical ways for you to reconnect to plants, self and soil.

It’s a crash course into the deeper aspects of the forager’s world.

The stuff that rarely makes it into those coffee table foraging books.

You see, our world desperately needs ‘plantwalkers‘.

That’s what I call anyone who works with and loves plants.

Plantwalkers recognise that our culture has become profoundly disconnected and dissociated from the rest of the ecosystem.

To the point that we might not even make it as a species.

But plantwalkers are optimistic and have hope in their hearts, even in the face of despair and adversity.

Hope is a powerful attribute of a plantwalker.

We keep spreading the plant knowledge, even when many folks think foraging is only about making wild cocktails or getting trashed in the hedge.

That’s a disconnect. Right there.

The purpose of this class is to teach you practical ways to reconnect.

Paradoxically by “using technology to help you get off technology”.

You meet a plant, to paraphrase Basho the Zen poet: ‘by sitting with plant’.

He actually said:

‘If you want to meet bamboo, sit with bamboo’.

So I only want to speak with people who recognise this and seek reconnection to the natural world.

  • Want to rewild their hearts.
  • Want to go a little bit deep.

If you only see wild plants as something quirky to serve at a supper party or to make you look pretty (herbal face packs spring to mind), well…

… this class isn’t for you!

As the elders of old used to say:

“You’ve got to take pride in your roots, and that starts with education. If you forget the past, the stories, the future will be bleak”.

The Green Path is for people who recognise how important it is for our communities to learn how to feed and heal themselves…

… and want to ‘make change happen‘ in the world. In their local community. In themselves.

Without seeking permission first from anyone.

It’s about reskilling ourselves in the ways of plants.

Then going out and teaching our communities. So we can (hopefully) become powerful, resilient advocates for change.

If that’s you, welcome aboard.


‘I found the Green Path incredibly helpful and found the exercise fascinating. I will be doing this with all the plants in the future. It’s given me a new perspective on foraging and on nature.’ – Kathy Zablotzky