Black Mustard Soup

This black mustard soup recipe came about from wandering. Wandering carefree through the hedge. For a few days, I have been walking past black mustard (Brassica nigra). The delicate little flower buds gracefully adorning tender stems called out to me. “Use me like little broccoli florets”, they sang. And because I have been immersing myself … Read more

A Crispy Black Mustard Recipe

Oh my gawd! When it comes to a simple black mustard recipe (Brassica nigra), then these ‘crisps’ are to die for. Sure beats the heck out of kale crisps! Black Mustard Recipe – Ingredients Handful of black mustard greens Rape seed oil Himalyan sea salt Black Mustard Recipe – Suggested Instructions Rub the black mustard … Read more

Black Mustard Vinegar

The various wild mustard have gone from luscious spicy leaves, to wasabi biting flowers and now over to seeds. But you need to be quick in order to get the seeds ‘green’ (soft) rather than brown and hard. You can use any variety of mustard, but for this recipe I used black mustard seeds (Brassica … Read more

Black Mustard With Millet and Golden Saxifrage

I made this Black Mustard Recipe (Brassica nigra) as a quick lunch after walking my trusted hound through my local estuary. On my way home I went through some woods where I gathered some delicious Alternate Leaved Golden Saxifrage (Chrysosplenium alternifolium). Who says foraging has to be hard work! Black Mustard Recipe Ingredients 30g Black … Read more

Black Mustard Leaf Sushi

This recipe is best made up to an hour before serving so the Black Mustard Leaf sushi is served as fresh as possible. Refrigeration spoils the texture. Many other fillings can be tried. Try experimenting with grated radish, carrot, smoked salmon, fine slices red pepper to name a few. Black mustard leaf offers a brilliant … Read more