Chickweed – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Chickweed is a familiar garden weed recognisable by its tiny white flowers. The seeds were once fed to birds, which is how the plant earned its common name. In pastimes, the plant was a common potherb and had various medicinal uses. Foraging in Spring Foraging in Summer Foraging Through The Year Common Name Chickweed Scientific … Read more

Chick Chick Pate

Many folk get stuck when it comes to Chickweed (Stellaria media). Chickweed is a hugely versatile plant, and one that has many more uses than as a simple wild salad green, which is what most folk use it for. In this chickweed recipe, it’s earthy flavour combines beautifully with chickpeas. This recipe is based on … Read more

Chickweed Salad With Wild Angelica Seed Dressing

In this Chickweed recipe (Stellaria media), we’ve added Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris) seeds to give the salad dressing a bit of pep. Chickweed is highly nutritious providing large amounts of protein and minerals. You can find it pretty much throughout the year, and it is wonderful as a salad ingredient. Chickweed Recipe Ingredients 4 good … Read more