Cleavers or Goosegrass – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Cleavers earned its name thanks to the sticky plant’s tendency to ‘cleave’ to human clothing or animal fur. However, this common weed is also a surprisingly versatile wild edible. Foraging in Spring Foraging in Summer Foraging Through The Year Common Name Cleavers. Scientific Name Galium aparine. Family Rubiaceae. Botanical Description of Cleavers Flowers white, in … Read more

Six Wild Greens Soup

With an abundance of wild green in the hedgerow at the moment, I felt compelled by my bones to make a tasty spring time wild greens soup. Gathering an equal amount of cleavers, wood avens, dandelion, ramsons, lesser celandine, and ground elder I came up with this natty little wild greens recipe. Wild Soup Recipe: Ingredients … Read more

Wild Herb Syrup

I love concocting non-alcoholic drinks, especially when the only drinks foragers are assumed to drink are inebriating beverages made with weird weeds from the hedge. Might I suggest another way… Wild drinks are one of the most sensual ways to connect to plants. Teas, infusions, syrups, cordials, and other gargalblasters plug us directly in to the … Read more

Cleavers & Aubergine Bake

With the trees just about to break from bud into a kaleidoscope of lime green visual delight, and a slightly cold wind coming in, I decided to make this warming cleavers bake. Cleavers is also known as goosegrass. You must only pick the top tips of the cleavers as they might be too stringy if you use … Read more