Dulse Seaweed As Food and Medicine

Further reading: The Edible Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland In the past Dulse (Palmaria palmata) was rolled and dried pulse was chewed like tobacco. Traditionally dulse was harvested after it had been washed three times in the May floods. In folk medicine, dulse was used to treat parasitical infections, relieve constipation and treat scurvy. In … Read more

Fermented Dulse Recipe With Mooli

This fermented dulse recipe makes for a delicious, tangy ferment. With fermented foods all the rage at the moment, there is a good reason to start making them. They have the potential for improving your intestinal tract health, they enhance the immune system synthesising and enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients, as well as reducing symptoms of lactose … Read more

When Is The Best Time To Harvest Seaweed?

I’m often asked when the best time to harvest seaweed is. It is important that you do not harvest a seaweed during its reproductive phase. This varies on a species to species basis. Rotating harvest areas is thought to be the least damaging to the ecosystem and allows seaweed stands to recover faster. Harvesting seaweed … Read more

How To Collect, Dry & Store Dulse

Collect your dulse (Palmaria palmata) from a clean seashore. I collect my dulse off a beach which is MCS recommended. This means it has the highest water quality standards. Further reading: The Edible Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland Step 1 Make sure that you cut your dulse just above the holdfast, leaving a little bit … Read more