Garlic Mustard – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Garlic Mustard is a common wild herb in Britain and Ireland. Its leaves exude a garlicky smell when bruised or chopped, although the plant is unrelated to garlic. Scientific Name Alliaria petiolata Family Brassicaceae Botanical Description Garlic mustard has straight, stems (hairy at the base) with large green and toothy leaves, sometimes described as heart-shaped. The flowers are small and white with cross-shaped petals. Status Biennial. Native. Habitat Deciduous woodland,

Garlic Mustard & Blue Cheese Pasta

I love Garlic Mustard aka Jack By The Hedge (Alliaria petiolata). Most of the wild food recipe books seem to concentrate on using the leaves and flowers. I like to focus on the vast amount of stems that seem to get overlooked. Here’s a quick Garlic Mustard recipe for those on the hurry-up. Garlic Mustard Recipe: Ingredients 200g garlic mustard stems 30g butter 25g plain flour 400ml milk 100g Saint

Wild Dolmades, Nettle Puree and Pickled Ramsons Buds

Paul Wedgwood, Edinburgh’s leading wild food chef from Wedgwood The Restaurant, reveals his extraordinary Wild Dolmades recipe using Garlic Mustard aka Jack By The Hedge (Alliaria petiolata). This is an extraordinary dish and well worth spending the time to make. Further reading: Traditional and Modern Use of Stinging Nettle Foraging in Spring Foraging Through the Year Ingredients DOLMADES 20 medium garlic mustard leaves 250g rice 4 3 cornered leek stems

Garlic Mustard & Three Cornered Leek Vichysoisse

The following Garlic Mustard also known as Jack By The Hedge (Alliaria petiolata) & Three Cornered Leek (Allium triquetrum) recipe was created by Paul Wedgwood of Wedgwood the Restaurant, one of Edinburgh’s leading-edge chefs. It was created after a glorious day of foraging around Edinburgh with a wonderful group of people. Ingredients 75g butter 1 onion, chopped 75g three cornered garlic stems 800 ml water 1 large potato, peeled, diced

Garlic Mustard & Cow Parsley Sauce

The bitter-sweet taste of young garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) blends subtly with the herby tastes & textures of cow parsley, to make a fine substantial sauce suitable for pasta or grains. The kind of food I need to eat when I return home if I’ve been wandering on the road for a week or so. Ingredients 50g garlic mustard tips (shredded & chopped ) 400g vine-ripened cherry tomatoes (chopped) 1