Traditional and Modern Use of Hawthorn

Hawthorn As Food Many books mention the hawthorn fruits known as ‘haws’ are mealy and tasteless. This is usually down to people harvesting the fruits too early. As well as not finding a hawthorn community that offers decent flavour. Unlike plants grown by humans. Wild plants vary considerably in their flavour depending on their location … Read more

Tasting Terroir – Why The Plant Is Not The Problem… You Are

Today I want to share with you a little about what I have learnt as a forager. And it goes against the grain about how we usually look at food. I have an aphorism: “Wild culture is not mono-culture”. “What the bloomin’ heck does that mean Robin?” I hear you think. Let me explain. Note: … Read more

Dragon’s Breath Hawthorn Relish

There is an old Scottish proverb “Mony haws, Mony snows” meaning that an abundance of haws (hawthorn berries) will bring a severe winter. It will be interesting to see if this old folk belief pans out this year. I have a suspicion it will. While on a train to London back in late October, I … Read more

Yuck, Spit, That’s Disgusting…

A week or so ago I mentioned that I was pondering what to do with hawthorn berries. Something a little different to the usual sweet dishes that they are used in usually. At the weekend while out with the grand-urchins I gathered a small bag of hawthorn berries. I was wanting to experiment. If you’ve … Read more

Hawthorn Jelly Recipe

This is a lovely, simple hawthorn jelly recipe that you can have with cheese or meats. Make it now and you’ll be in time for giving it away as Christmas presents. If your celebrating is more earth-centric, then you’ll be in time for the return of the sun on December 21st. Enjoy this autumnal hawthorn … Read more