How To Preserve Wild Horseradish Root

This super quick horseradish recipe shows you how to preserve wild horseradish root. Be prepared to don a pair of old motorcycle goggles as the aromatic oils that get released when preparing will have you blubbing like a baby for yonks. And you thought onions where bad! Note: It is illegal to dig up roots … Read more

Fermented Hogweed Borsch Recipe

This fermented hogweed Borsch recipe is divine. In Russia Hogweed’s (Heracleum sphondylium) old name was “borschevnic”. The soup was originally made using lacto-fermented hogweed. In Poland both the soup and plant are called “barscz” and by the end of the nineteenth century this had evolved to mean a soup with beetroot as the main ingredient. … Read more

Horseradish Leaf Bubble and Squeak

Horseradish leaf (Armoracia rusticana) makes a wonderful green vegetable, and raw it can taste very hot, however once cooked the hotness disappears. Cooked Horseradish leaf has a wonderful texture and flavour and goes perfectly as a cabbage substitute in Bubble & Squeak. Horseradish Leaf Recipe Ingredients 600g floury potatoes such as Maris Piper or King … Read more