Traditional and Modern Use of Laver Seaweed

Click here to get the Eatweeds newsletter each week, read by 8000+ foragers, herbalists and plant lovers. Laver seaweed has traditionally been harvested in Scotland, Wales and Ireland to make laverbread, and cultivated in countries such as Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines as a sea vegetable. In East Asia, laver is one of the most … Read more

A Divine Seaweed Sauerkraut

Thank gawd for lacto-fermented probiotic foods! Having recently found myself in the hospital with what can only be described as ‘nuclear grade Domestos’ being intravenously shoved into my veins. I thought I’d share with you this delicious seaweed sauerkraut recipe I developed to offset the damage done to my poor body. The side effects from … Read more

Hedge Mustard & Laver Seaweed Rice Soup

Last week I went wandering to one of my favourite foraging patches. It’s by a river, and a haven for birds, critters and wild nibbly things. I was out shooting footage for a video on nettle. Not for myself, but for an online company that was offering a ‘wilderness date’ day. No not a dating … Read more

Devon Laverbread Cakes

Traditionally laverbread was eaten by the Welsh. Having a small bit of Welsh blood and living in Devon I decided to do a bit of cultural blending and created this Devon Laverbread recipe. I’d never made laverbread before, and after 10 hours of boiling the seaweed, I wondered just what I had let myself in … Read more