Traditional and Modern Use of Laver Seaweed

Laver seaweed has traditionally been harvested in Scotland, Wales and Ireland to make laverbread, and cultivated in countries such as Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines as a sea vegetable. In East Asia, laver is one of the most commonly used seaweeds for human consumption. The name Porphyra is the Greek word for a purple-red colour, … Read more

A Divine Seaweed Sauerkraut

Thank gawd for lacto-fermented probiotic foods! Having recently found myself in the hospital with what can only be described as ‘nuclear grade Domestos’ being intravenously shoved into my veins. I thought I’d share with you this delicious seaweed sauerkraut recipe I developed to offset the damage done to my poor body. The side effects from … Read more

Hedge Mustard & Laver Seaweed Rice Soup

Last week I went wandering to one of my favourite foraging patches. It’s by a river, and a haven for birds, critters and wild nibbly things. I was out shooting footage for a video on nettle. Not for myself, but for an online company that was offering a ‘wilderness date’ day. No not a dating … Read more

Devon Laverbread Cakes

Traditionally laverbread was eaten by the Welsh. Having a small bit of Welsh blood and living in Devon I decided to do a bit of cultural blending and created this Devon Laverbread recipe. I’d never made laverbread before, and after 10 hours of boiling the seaweed, I wondered just what I had let myself in … Read more