List of Edible Magnolia Flowers

According to Thomas Elpel in his fantastic book Botany in a Day (6th edition), there are 7 genera and about 220 species in the magnolia family. I have spent considerable time exploring which species have edible magnolia flowers. Below is a list of the ones that I have found in the ethnobotanical record. It is by … Read more

Braised Magnolia Flower Buds

Ingredients 2 tablespoons of Hikari koji miso (or another sweet miso) 100ml hot/boiled water 10 Edible magnolia flowers and/or buds. 1 tablespoon of olive oil Instructions Whisk the miso in with the hot water until it has thoroughly dissolved. Heat the olive oil, add the magnolia buds and very gently, fry for 1 minute. They … Read more

Magnolia Flower & Tempeh Dumplings

Ingredients 200g tempeh 2 tablespoons miso 2 tablespoons sesame oil 2 tablespoons mirin 50ml boiling water 80g edible magnolia flowers Instructions Cube the tempeh and put in a food processor. Pulse until it looks minced. Transfer to a bowl. In a jar (with a lid) combine the hot water, miso, sesame oil and mirin. Cap … Read more

Magnolia Syrup Recipe

This Magnolia syrup recipe is beautiful, sensual and delicious. There are a number of different species of edible Magnolia flowers that you can use. Ask someone their recipe for making syrup, and you’ll get numerous different replies, each one claiming theirs is the best. So egos aside, this is the one that I use. Magnolia Syrup … Read more

Magnolia Flower Vinegar

A gorgeous, bright pink vinegar can be made from magnolia flowers… Read more! Click here…

Pickled Magnolia Flowers Recipe

This Pickled Magnolia flowers recipe is quite simply, exquisite. I have used Magnolia soulangeana, and Magnolia grandiflora. The texture and taste is nothing more than Love Food. Every person that has tasted this recipe (and that’s quite a few), remark how amazing the Magnolia flowers are. Although the end result looks like pickled oysters in malt vinegar, … Read more