EP25: Edible Acorns – The Forgotten Food

Acorns are a massive, under-utilised and forgotten food source. Join Robin Harford (your host) and Marcie Mayer (Europe’s foremost acorn food producer), as they explore the edible uses of acorns as a food and in cooking. Listen To This Podcast Subscribe To The Podcast Apple/iPhone users subscribe on iTunes Android users listen on Stitcher Radio Oakmeal Special … Read more

Acorns In An Era of Climate Change

In this video, Marcie Mayer takes your around her oak farm in Greece and shows you behind-the-scenes how acorns are being used as food. Acorns are a gluten-free, high nutrient food source we need to pay attention to, especially in an era of climate change. As food security becomes more and more fragile, they could … Read more

Acorns: A Forgotten Superfood

The use of acorns go back into the mists of time. An ancient food that unfortunately these days is sorely neglected. Marcie Mayer is an extraordinary acorn pioneer and has devoted her life to harvesting, processing and researching acorns. As a superfood, acorns meet many of our food challenges in the 21st century. However, even … Read more

The Awesomeness of Acorns

Each morning I go outside and ponder the old oak that stands on the side of the road. Each morning I say a blessing to it. I’m beginning to shift my understanding of plants, even big plants like trees. No longer seeing them in gender specifics, but sensing into their being that which moves beyond … Read more

How to Store and Process Acorns

Processing and storing acorns has a lot of mystique surrounding it. The process that follows comes from Marcie Mayer (who I interviewed for my podcast – listen here) and has been developed over 20 years. How to Dry and Store Acorns Always gather your acorns green. This way the acorns are likely not to have … Read more

Spiced Pickled Acorns

Acorn recipes tend to be rather bland and boring. Most folks grind them into flour and add that to bread or as a thickener for stews and casseroles. For this acorn recipe, I decided to do something a little different. Why not spice them up and pickle them. So there I was starring at my … Read more