The Awesomeness of Acorns

Each morning I go outside and ponder the old oak that stands on the side of the road. Each morning I say a blessing to it. I’m beginning to shift my understanding of plants, even big plants like trees. No longer seeing them in gender specifics, but sensing into their being that which moves beyond … Read more

How to Process Acorns

Everyone has their own method of processing acorns to make them edible. However, the method used is usually a variation of each other. Here is my preferred way to process acorns. Pour boiling water onto whole shelled acorns and allow to soak for a few hours, then strain off the water (this removes the tannins). … Read more

Spiced Pickled Acorns

Acorn recipes tend to be rather bland and boring. Most folk grind them into flour and add that to breads or as a thickener for stews and casseroles. For this acorn recipe I decided to do something a little different. Why not spice them up and pickle them. So there I was starring at my … Read more