Oxeye Daisy Greens & Baked Temple Tofu

This plant-based Oxeye daisy greens recipe is a variation of a dish you might find being sold by Vietnamese street food hawkers. A variation might be a bit of a push, it’s more like inspired by really. But who cares. The fact is it cooks tofu in a way that makes it delicious. No longer … Read more

Oxeye Daisy Capers

Delicious Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) are budding forth as I write this. One of the most unique taste sensations in the hedge, I have a love affair with this plant that takes me into the realm of the sensuous. The leaves and leaf tips are extraordinary, but the Oxeye Daisy flower buds have got to … Read more

Oxeye Daisy Tabbouleh

Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) is one of the most delicious and uniquely flavoured wild herb-vegetables that I use in the kitchen. Savoury, herby and all things delicious I chanced upon the idea for this recipe whilst mulling over how to make a tabbouleh without the usual bulgur wheat. Also, I had been taught by a … Read more

Oxeye Daisy Bruschette

It’s bitterly cold outside and I’m wandering around my local foraging area looking for something to gather. My body is wanting something with lots of garlic, and oil and fresh raw tomatoes. Not the usual foods one would necessarily want on a cold day, but as I am just getting over a monstrous upper respiratory … Read more

Oxeye Daisy Raita

Oxeye Daisy has a unique taste and is considered by many to be one of the best wild edible greens. This Oxeye Daisy recipe is a perfect accompaniment for spicy foods like curry. Oxeye Daisy Recipe Ingredients 20g Oxeye Daisy leaves 150ml coconut milk 150g natural yoghurt ½ a lime (juiced) Oxeye Daisy Recipe Instructions … Read more