Pickled Rosehips

Rosehip – Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses You’ll learn the parts used as food and medicine, harvest time, recipes, nutrition and other ways humans use this amazing plant… Click here to find out more. Ingredients 2 cups of rosehips 1 cup of sugar ½ cup of cider vinegar 1 cup of water 6 juniper … Read more

Rosehip – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Dog Rose (also known as Rosehip), is a climbing wild rose with white-pink flowers and a soft subtle scent. Its deep orange-red fruit, the rosehip, is the most commonly used part of the plant, although dog rose has many other uses in food and medicine. Common Name Dog rose Scientific Name Rosa canina Family Rosaceae … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Rosehips

The rose family (Rosaceae) is a large clan of dozens of species and thousands of hybrids. It is one of the most famous flowers in the world prized for its beauty and fragrance. The Story of Rosehip Rose petals are made into scented sachets, distilled into rosewater, and sold as expensive oils and perfumes. But … Read more

Try This Exquisite Guelder Rose Jelly Recipe

This Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) jelly recipe is quite simply divine. The plant is deciduous, and usually found in hedgerows, scrub and woodlands. It favours damp places and can be found along streams, but it also has the ability to thrive in quite dry spaces too. Tasting the raw berries (which are mildly toxic if consumed … Read more

Japanese Rosehip : Uses & Identification of Rosa rugosa

A quick video showcasing the exquisite culinary use for Japanese Rosehip ( Rosa rugosa). Rosehip Resources: Funky Facts You Need To Know About Rosehips Rosehip Soup Recipe With Roasted Chilli & Smoked Tofu Rosehip Vinegar Rosehip Syrup Recipe

Rosehip Soup Recipe With Roasted Chilli & Smoked Tofu

Rosehips are in vast abundance this year. Gathering them I pondered what I might create outside the usual recipes like rosehip syrup, rosehip jelly etc. In Sweden there is a traditional recipe for a rosehip soup that is made called Nyponsoppa. It is a cold desert fruit soup usually served with small almond macaroons. When I returned to … Read more

Rose Petal Honey

I’m in love with roses at the moment. I just can’t contain myself. I’m sniffing as many as I can, creating rose flavoured concoctions that would have angels sighing with delight, and if I could, I’d wear them as well. I’m also avoiding sugar and wanted to create a recipe that mimicked the Ayurvedic tonic Gulkand … Read more

Try This Delicious Rosehip Vinegar Recipe

With the abundance of Rosehips this year I decided to take advantage of them to create this unique tasting Rosehip vinegar recipe. Rosehip Vinegar is the perfect accompaniment to vegetables and salads as well as ham, smoked meats and fish and is the perfect addition to game sauces. With Christmas looming, this makes a wonderful, … Read more

Vitamin C Loss and Rosehips

The following is an extract from a report on Vitamin C loss in cooked Rosehip syrup, by the British Medical Journal dated May 2, 1942. “Recently Meiklejohn and Stewart (Biochem1. J., 1941, 35, 761) described a more accurate method of measuring ascorbic acid in foods, but Dr. C. P. Stewart has informed me that his … Read more

Rosehip Syrup Recipe

This Rosehip Syrup recipe is packed with hedgerow goodness. Drink like a cordial or serve drizzled over ice-cream or add to milky deserts. Rosehips contain twenty times more vitamin C than you find in oranges. As a result and due to the lack of citrus fruits, the British government during World War Two encouraged citizens … Read more

Are Rose Hip Seeds Poisonous?

Question: I have read that rose hip seeds contain cyanide, is it truly safe to consume the tea with ground seeds? Some species of Rosaceae family do contain a small amount of cyanide. However, I can find no reference in any scientific journals stating that rose hip (Rosa canina) seeds are toxic. Not consuming rose … Read more