Smashing Samphire Guacamole

I don’t like using electrical kitchen equipment at the best of times. Far too much washing up for one thing, so having just purchased a rather large pestle and mortar (influenced by my recent visit to Laos), the kind that would have made Jesus’s task of feeding the five thousand a whole lot easier, I … Read more

Samphire & Wild Fennel Pickle

Lovely, lovely marsh samphire/glasswort (Salicornia), is in uber abundance at the moment near me. Perfect picking time before it starts developing a woody pith. Not a lot I can say other than try this lush samphire recipe. Ingredients 300g marsh samphire 250ml white wine vinegar 50g caster sugar 4 bay leaves 2 fresh wild fennel … Read more

Samphire Stuffed Mackerel With Alexanders & Wild Fennel Seeds

Baked mackerel coated in Alexanders & Wild Fennel Seeds, then stuffed with Marsh Samphire brings this dish alive with the full flavours of estuary & seashore. I gathered the marsh samphire and wild seeds over a 50 foot area while walking my trusted hound. The mackerel I bought from Mary & Kay at Sidmouth Trawlers, … Read more

Pickled Marsh Samphire

This fantastic Pickled Marsh Samphire recipe uses ancient hedgerow spices to create a truly sublime pickle. I’d heard whispers that Marsh Samphire (Salicornia) used to grow around an estuary that is near me. So I went exploring and finally found the hidden beds. Such is the joy of chasing plants. This pickled marsh samphire recipe … Read more

Salmon Terrine With Marsh Samphire

The young stems of Marsh Samphire (Salicornia spp.) – also known as Glasswort – adds natural salt to any dish and complements this delicious salmon and marsh samphire recipe. The vibrant green provides a colourful contrast to the delicate pink of the fish. I am confident this would also work with fresh and smoked trout … Read more