Grain-Free Sea Aster Tabbouleh

It’s hot. 1976 hot. Scorched grass. Withered plants. It’s times like this that the farmer gets twitchy. Images of dust-bowls and draught go through their mind. For the forager it’s different. We aren’t farmers. We don’t need to live in fear of scarcity. Of food running out. As foragers, we do what hunter-gatherer communities have … Read more

Braised Sea Aster With Asparagus

I often refer to Sea Aster (Aster tripolium) as “Queen of Saltmarshes & Estuaries”. She is one of the most delicious wild greens out there. OK that’s Robin’s opinion, but whenever I serve her up the reaction is usually one of delight. Her flavour is one that must be experienced and she can often be found … Read more

Sea Aster Pate

Young sea aster (Aster tripolium) leaves are just coming up down at the estuary where I forage. I have a love affair with this plant. The leaves make for a delicious wild vegetable, and can be used in a multitude of ways as my previous sea aster recipes show. As I am teaching a lot … Read more

Sea Aster & Monkfish

Sea aster (Aster trillium) is an extraordinary estuary wild vegetable. Waitrose last year tried selling it in their stores but it no longer appears on their website. Hardly surprising, because when I asked the staff in my local shop how to use it. I was of course testing them, the reply on countless times was, “Err, I’m … Read more

Sea Aster & Tomato Soup

To me Sea Aster is one of the best estuary greens. This Sea Aster recipe looks more like a gazpacho, however the delicate flavours of the Sea Aster are complimented really well by the sweet, sunny taste of the tomatoes. I fed it to a friend who usually turns her nose up at a lot … Read more

Buttered Sea Aster

Sea Aster (Aster tripolium) is one of the most flavoursome wild edible plants if you are into ‘gourmet foraging’. Often overlooked by many, it holds it’s texture very well, has an unusual, but highly more-ish taste, and to date I have yet to find anyone who found it revolting. I like many of my wild … Read more

Sea Aster Fish Bake

Sea Aster (Aster tripolium) makes an ideal bedfellow with any line caught white fish. This dish can be made in advance and baked when needed. Serve with a salad or cooked green vegetable. Sea Aster Recipe Ingredients 500g salad potatoes 8 plum tomatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 clove garlic, peeled and chopped Good pinch … Read more