On Sea Kale Root

? A short video of Robin Harford on the delights & virtues of sea kale (Crambe maritima) root.

Sea Kale Rosti

Very few people mention using the root of sea kale, but in this sea kale recipe the deep flavours come through, a combination between cooked broccoli stems and sweet chestnuts. A very interesting sea kale recipe, and one well worth trying if you like something different. A warning though, digging up sea kale roots needs … Read more

A Mouthwatering Pickled Sea Kale Recipe

Pickled Sea Kale is one of the delights during the foragers year. Although scarce throughout most of the UK, down in Dorset there is four miles of the stuff. So only make this Pickled Sea Kale recipe when you find a glut of the plant. Perfect as a condiment on its own, pickled Sea Kale … Read more