Sea Purslane Potato Cakes

Rummaging around in my very empty fridge, I chanced upon some renegade potatoes. “What are you doing in there?” I asked quizzically. The reply was they made themselves lie beside the illustrious Sea Purslane (Atriplex portulacoides) because they thought they would be a nice fit. In a word a big hint to combine them, and … Read more

Sea Purslane Hummus

Sea Purslane (Atriplex portulacoides) has a gorgeous, salty leaf with a nutty crunchiness to it. I remember about five years ago I took a young family down to the estuary, and one of the children who hadn’t eaten their greens in a couple of years, sat for 20 minutes chomping down on the leaves. They said … Read more

Sea Dahl: A Different Sea Purslane Recipe

Sea Purslane Atriplex portulacoides is a truly versatile vegetable that grows prolifically on salt marshes. I have made numerous Sea purslane recipes and each time I am awed by how good a food source it is. Yet rarely does it get a mention beyond a few leaves in a side salad. As this Sea purslane … Read more

Sea Purslane Mayonnaise in 30 Seconds

With the Sea Purslane Atriplex portulacoides, in perfect condition for picking this week, I was craving for some potatoes and mayonnaise. Instead I ended up eating salmon with couscous and steamed sea aster and sea purslane. Couldn’t resist, and my body is craving oily fish at the moment. The remains (you mean there was some Robin) of … Read more

Sea Purslane Pickle

The Sea Purslane, Atriplex (Halimione) portulacoides is at its best at the moment down here in East Devon. Large swathes of the ‘silver crisps’ adorn the estuary. I always pick my sea purslane on the high ground, as the leaves are better quality than ones spent under water. They’re also a lot cleaner. Just grab … Read more

Sea Purslane Pesto

Summary: A vibrant, nutrient boosting sea purslane recipe, using a little known part of the plant. This slow-growing shrub belonging to the goosefoot family is found in salt marshes and muddy beaches. Sea purslane (Atriplex portulacoides syn. Halimione portulacoides) is fairly common along the coast of England and Ireland, although less so in Scotland according … Read more

Sea Purslane Fish Cakes

In this Sea Purslane recipe, the gorgeous flavours of sea purslane, wild fennel seeds, and fresh mackerel merge together to create a fish cake full of seashore tastes. This must-try Sea Purslane recipe will have every seashore lover going back for seconds. Sea Purslane Fishcake Recipe Ingredients 2 medium sized Mackerel 500g of just boiled … Read more