Traditional and Modern Uses of Sorrel

Common Name Common Sorrel. Scientific Name Rumex acetosa. Family Polygonaceae. Botanical Description Common sorrel grows up to 10–120 cm. Its stalks bear clusters of small reddish-green to brown flowers and the bright-green leaves are long, oblong and spear-shaped. Status Perennial. Native or naturalised in Britain, Ireland, Europe, Africa and Asia; introduced to North America and … Read more

Sorrel, Watercress And Roasted Fennel Soup

One of the most delicious wild greens is Sorrel (Rumex acetosa). Sorrel soup has been a traditional dish served since the Middle Ages. In Belarus and Poland, it is still popular as soup, yet in the British Isles it’s prominence has wained. Sorrel has a delicious tangy flavour, with one of the common names that children … Read more

Sorrel and Wild Green Tartlets

It’s been a grey, overcast day as I gather sorrel and other wild edible greens during a short walk to stretch my legs. Back home in the kitchen, I want something that’s quick, delicious and warming. Well, look no further than this sorrel and wild green recipe. Perfect for that drizzly spring day. I often … Read more

Sorrel Soup

I went and picked Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) for this warming, tangy sorrel soup recipe. Sorrel is widely available, and can often be found on grassland and in hedges. For this recipe, I went along an old green lane at the back of my house and found a great cluster of these lemony tasting leaves. Sorrel … Read more