Smooth Sowthistle Salsa

Sowthistle is delicious. One of my favourite Springtime greens its texture is similar to little gem lettuces yet it has so much more flavour. I pull the leaf blades off the leaf-stalk and use those, along with the young tips in most of my sowthistle recipes. The raw leaf stalk itself is too bitter for … Read more

Sowthistle Tempeh Salad

Smooth Sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus) is cropping up everywhere at the moment. I skip out to my local patch to gather some of these tasty greens. Did you know that sowthistle contains as many antioxidants as blueberries! Yup, I just checked it out, they are an uber-superfood! Ingredients 150g young smooth sowthistle greens (chopped) 300g white … Read more

Buttered Prickly Sow-thistle Tips

Prickly sow-thistle (Sonchus asper) makes a great vegetable with minimal bitterness, more akin to chicory greens. This sow-thistle recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Note: Pick the sow-thistle tips when the flower buds are just starting to appear. Ingredients 5 prickly sow-thistle tips per person knobs of butter Suggested Instructions Put the sow-thistle tips into … Read more