Persian Nettle Stew

This plant-based stinging nettle recipe was inspired by my love of Persian food. I love culture-blending. Whether it is food, ideas or some other creative exploit. If foraging has taught me one thing, it is that Nature thrives on diversity.   Ingredients 300g stinging nettle tops (the first 6 leaves) 400ml stock or seaweed broth … Read more

Stinging Nettle – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Stinging Nettle is a surprisingly helpful plant in food and medicine despite its stinging hairs, as seen below. Common Name Stinging Nettle Scientific Name Urtica dioica Family Urticaceae Botanical Description An upright plant with dull green, serrated leaves, covered with stinging hairs. The flowers are small, green and catkin-like with no petals. Status Perennial. Native. … Read more

Elderberry & Nettle Honey Elixir

With Autumn definitely on its way, and the sun starts setting early, now is the perfect time to give you body a boost with this delicious, nourishing and health-boosting elixir. I’ve been making it for quite a few weeks using dried elderberries from last year, and dried nettle that I had gathered this Spring. I … Read more

Nettle & Barley Risotto

The oldest recorded recipe in Britain according to the Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff is one for nettle pudding, consisting of not surprisingly nettle with barley. They claim it to be 8,000 years old! Taking this for inspiration I decided to create a nettle risotto using barley … Read more

Noble Nettle Gruel

Gruel down the centuries gets a bad rap, courtesy of super snobs with their pretentious pontificating on what deems ‘good taste’. The phrase ‘food fascists’ comes to mind. I mean let’s face it, oysters used to be seen as food for the poor back in the 1800s, spat on by those who in their delusion think … Read more

Beef Bone & Nettle Potassium Broth

I first used potassium broths back in the mid-1980s when I was a student of Nature Cure. Potassium broths have been used for generations to help get through colds and alleviate the symptoms of flu, boost immunity, as well as build up the body to resist illness. They are deeply healing and cleansing, and although … Read more

Nettle Seed Cheese Straws

Wandering the fields and hedgerows, phone left at home. I sense a deep peace and freedom. Unplugged, my awareness stays present with the moment and the elements. Chancing upon a lovely patch of nettle in seed, I gather. Slowly. Methodically. Breathing. The simple act of gathering allows me to sink deep down into my bones. … Read more

Sugar Free Nettle & Seaweed Sweets

I love Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), it has so many potential uses in drinks, savoury and dessert recipes. Recently I gathered some young nettle tips, new growth that had appeared after the council had done some recent strimming. Remembering the recipes I used to create when I was a raw food vegan back on the … Read more

EP06: How To Make Nettle Leaf Protein

In Memory of Michael Cole. Michael had a short battle with cancer but in the end died peacefully with his family around him, at home in front of the fire on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018. Discover how to make a 100% leaf protein from wild green plants, especially stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). In this interview I … Read more

Wild Garlic & Nettle Nut Loaf

With the Wild Garlic aka Ramsons (Allium ursinum) filling the hedgerows at the moment, along with lovely Stinging Nettle tips (Urtica dioica) I was wondering how I could combine them to make something other than pesto or soup. Rummaging through my cupboards, I chanced on a few choice ingredients, and decided to combine them to … Read more

Oh! My God those Creamed Nettles are Amazing!

Creamed nettles are one of my pet specialities. I’ve been eating this dish regularly for the last 3 years when I chanced upon the idea while staring at a rather nice gammon steak one Winters day. Now before anyone starts whining at me for posting a nettle recipe in June. … and I can bet you a … Read more