The edible seaweeds of Britain and Ireland

I was standing on the edge of a rock pool at low tide.

Waves crashing all around.

In front of me were swathes of seaweed.

I thought it was edible.

I just didn’t have a clue which seaweed, or what parts to gather.

Was it even safe to eat?

Following the tide back, I walked past even more of the stuff.

Brown seaweeds. Red seaweeds. Green seaweeds.

I knew that much about them.

That seaweeds came in three different groups.

Confused I scratched my head.

Now I was out on the rocks, everything looked the same.

It looked so easy when I was back home, staring at the pictures in a book.

I felt very frustrated that I couldn’t “see” the difference between one seaweed and another.

Yet I knew right in front of me…

right under my feet was food.

Superfood in fact, if the health magazines and newspapers were correct.

I wanted to gather my own seaweed

… because the last time I went into my local health shop I nearly choked…

the prices were ridiculous!

Frustrated didn’t even come close to describing how I was feeling.

And worse, I couldn’t find anyone to help me.

That was 15 years ago…