A Special Invitation: Wild Food, Wild Medicine Foraging Course In France 2017

Foraging Course Provence France 2017

Why not escape for eight days and seven nights to a magical place in the heart of beautiful Provence in France?

Somewhere you can completely relax and experience a plant adventure with a difference.

Foraging for plants as food and medicine can be a deep journey into Soul and a gentle way to ‘get out of our heads and come to our senses’.

A way to experience the world and the plant kingdom through ‘new eyes’.

A wondrous journey into wildness that comes from walking the Green Path.

Provence is rooted, earthy. A place of beauty.

A place where you can step out of time. Slow down. Nurture yourself.

A place that offers nourishment and healing not only for your body and mind, but for your heart and soul.

Your week with us will be very special.

It won’t simply be a course on the facts and figures of how to use plants as medicine and food, although there will be a little of that.

It will instead be an adventure beyond the Green Wall.

A journey of discovery and reconnection to plants and yourself.

A deep exploration into what it means to be in right relationship with the natural world.

In a culture of hustle-and-bustle, it’s important to stop occasionally and retreat for a while, to find peaceful sanctuary.

To return to Self, and rediscover and reconnect to the natural world.

Not as a way to avoid life, but in order to nourish and heal yourself, allowing you to return home deeply refreshed and replenished in both body and mind.

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About the Author

Robin is a forager and self-taught ethnobotanist. He specialises in wild edible plants and has been running foraging courses throughout the UK since 2008. He travels extensively documenting and recording the traditional and local uses of wild food plants in indigenous cultures.