Wild Mystery

When mystery comes, she will grab you from behind, lift you high into the air and spin you around until you are giddy with delight.

How long until you throw off the human tyrants and instead embrace the love and guidance of wildness.

The spirit that lies inside you is the spirit that lights up a thousand stars. 

Opens a flower to the sun. 

Sets the landscape ablaze with the murmuration of starlings.

Makes rain flow down your naked body and into your soul.

How long must you hold your breath, not wanting to breathe in the poison that is civilisation? 

With all its flickering and pinging and toxic seduction.

Have you pondered the heron? What did you learn?

Have you listened to the pond? What did you learn?

When you go out into the world. Do you go open-hearted? 

Do you love, create or consume, hate?

How long until humankind returns to the enfolding love of the wild. 

How long do you have to hold your breath?

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  1. The world isn’t fucked up because a few people did acid or other drugs back in the 60s. It is because of power crazy sociopaths like Trump, Putin, Johnson and all the other rich, white, middle class males ?plus Margaret Thatcher ) with a false sense of entitlement who think economics, big business, corporations etc are the way to go and don’t care about other species,the environment, society ot anything else beyond their narrow, twisted world view. Power is so bad, especially in the wrong hands, which is invariably the case.


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