Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe

My wife came home the other day with a huge bag of dandelion roots which she plonked in the middle of the kitchen floor, smiling a huge smile. Dandelion coffee anyone? And so the washing, grinding and roasting began.

Please note it is illegal to dig up roots without landowner’s consent.

Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe Instructions

Step 1

Dig up a large bunch of dandelion roots. You’re going to need far more dandelion root than the amount in the photo. Work on 15 times the amount you see above.

Step 2

Wash your dandelion roots as best as possible.

Step 3

Slice the dandelion roots into chip-like pieces.

Step 4

And then arrange the root pieces onto your dehydrator’s trays. Allow to dry for 60 minutes.

Step 5

Now chop the dried dandelion root into small pieces.

Step 6

Arrange the root pieces onto an oven tray.

Step 7

Roast the dandelion root for 30 minutes on 200°F. The roots need to be brown and dried right through.

Step 8

Allow the dandelion root to cool then finely grind, and roast a second time in an oven for 5 minutes on 180°F. Store in an airtight container.

How To Make A Cup Of Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe

Put 6 tablespoons of dandelion coffee grinds into 500ml of boiling water and leave to steep for 30 minutes. Strain into a saucepan and reheat to the desired temperature. Serve with milk and honey if so desired.

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    • The one I just made, smelled like chocolate and coffee, and when steeped tasted like a lightly sweetened coffee with a hint of chocolate despite me not adding anything to it. Really a mind blowing experience if you ask me.

    • I started drinking dandelion tea (store bought and expensive) because I heard that it may have cancer fighting abilities. I am a cancer survivor, in remission for over two years. I do not know if it actually does fight against cancer, but I am now an avid drinker of the tea! I am keenly interested in making my own and thank you for the recipe.

      • I read your post and I’m so happy to hear you’re in remission. There a great guy to follow on Instagram if you’re on the platform. He’s goes by ‘Chris eat cancer’ he go is a surviver of cancer..stage 4. My mom passed away from cancer and I wish I had known about him. I also have read so much about turmeric and how it kills cancer cells at the Cellular level. Butter than any pharmaceutical drug on the market and it’s all natural. I take it because my mother passed from cancer and I want to be proactive. I’ve been taking it for years now, and not only does it prevent cancer cells from growing. It is amazing for your joint and inflammation in the body. My husband is back to running because of it. No pain in his joints. Sorry if I’m giving to much info. All the best to you and your healing journey.

  1. Dandelion is one of the most efficient diuretics in nature, making coffee from the roots will not diminish this quality. It’s good because blood pressure may be improved this way and dandelion, unlike “manufactured” diuretics, ie Furosemide, will not destroy your natural supply of potassium.
    However, a note of caution, dandelion was not known as “pee-in-bed” for nothing and elderly people or those prone to weak bladders should bear this in mind.

  2. I store bought the roasted dandelion root but applied the same method above to steep, drain and serve. Wonderful! Since discovering a bowl issue last year coffee (my vice in life) has not crossed my lips! This has given me hope! ??
    Also do you know possibly how long this black strained elixir may last? I kept it in the fridge but used it within two weeks. Is this too long? Is it freezable?
    Thanks a mil

    • One commenter noted that it tastes like dirt… uummm, I don’t find that at all but then I brew mine with chicory. It doesn’t taste like coffee, which I adore, but it is a tasty substitute. I drink mine with a bit of cane sugar and real, full-fat coconut milk… delicious!!

  3. It tastes kind of like dirt. No kidding. It has an earthy taste. It’s a root. But if you are of the right mindset, you can grow to like it. I love it! You can also buy a pound of dandelion root online, like in a Frontier Coop bag, and roast it yourself. It keeps forever. You don’t have to refrigerate it. It’s just like any tea.

  4. I’ve been drinking dandelion root coffee for a few yrs. I love it too and recently discovered how to make chai using it. It’s great! The secret ingredient to making it like real chai is using maple syrup instead of honey or sugar.

  5. Chicory and Dandelion Latte
    2 Cups of water
    1 Tbsp Chicory
    1 Tbsp Roasted Dandelion
    Bring to boil and let steep for 10 minutes
    To blender, add:
    strained chicory/dandelion tea
    2 pitted dates
    1 Tbsp gee
    Blend until frothy – pour into mug and enjoy!

  6. Thank you for the recipe on how to roast dandelion root for coffee. I’ve never done this before so I am a total novice. I foraged the roots from the far back portion of my yard and was able to yield a small portion which was enough for 6 cups. It was a bit labor intense to make that’s for sure. I’m glad I did it though. I’ve always wanted to. And now, having to be shelter in place, it provided the perfect time.
    I especially liked the part during the roasting process, when it smelled like chocolate cake. Unfortunately, my magic bullet stopped working before I could get it ground to my preference but I was able to enough to make it!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I have underactive thyroid problem and unfortunately can’t drink normal coffee. I will definitely try this one because I heard a lot of good reviews and that you even can restore hormone balance ?

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