Plantain – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Plantain belongs to a big family of plants called Plantaginaceae. Greater and lesser plantain is also known as common plantain and ribwort plantain respectively. Plantains are a versatile wild edible and herbal remedy. Common Name Greater Plantain and Lesser Plantain. Scientific Name Plantago major and Plantago lanceolata. Family Plantaginaceae. Botanical Description Greater Plantain (Plantago major): … Read more

Broadleaf Plantain as a Traditional Herbal Remedy

The leaves of Broadleaf Plantain are an amazing wound herb. Rubbed on parts of the body stung by insects, nettles, etc., or as an application to burns and scalds, the leaves give relief and will stop the bleeding of minor wounds. The fresh leaves are applied externally whole or bruised in the form of a poultice. The … Read more

Aubergine And Avocado Bake With Ribwort Plantain

I’ve landed in a city for the first time in many years, and I’m finding it pretty hard to adapt since leaving the countryside. To deal with this newness I’ve been seeking out “sanctuary spots”, places where humans rarely go or leave their mark, and if they do it is with reverence rather than the … Read more

Sea Plantain Risotto

Sea Plantain (Plantago maritima) is in deep abundance at the moment on my local estuary. An often overlooked wild green, Sea Plantain is totally different in taste and texture to other species such as Greater Plantain or Ribwort Plantain. Currently Sea Plantain is one of my favourite wild edible plants and one that is delicious … Read more

Spiced Greater Plantain Seed Mix

I love the flavour of Greater Plantain seeds (Plantago major). They have a mild, nutty taste. Greater Plantain seed is also pretty high in calcium. This recipe makes a superb snack. Greater Plantain Recipe Ingredients 1 handful of Greater Plantain 3 handfuls of Pumpkin seeds 3 handfuls of Sesame seeds Good splash of Tamari / … Read more