Robin Harford Talks About Foraging As A Path To Healing

On Sea Kale Root

? A short video of Robin Harford on the delights & virtues of sea kale (Crambe maritima) root.

Sandor Katz Remembers Frank Cook

?? Ever since I met Frank Cook back in 2008, I’d always wanted to interview his friend, Sandor Katz. The two of them were good friends and conducted workshops together. In this short video Sandor talks about his friendship with Frank, and the ways they were exploring wild foods and wild fermentation… “My name is … Read more

Wild Food Foraging & The Idler Lifestyle

? Tom Hodgkinson is editor of The Idler and best selling author of How to Be Idle & How to Be Free. Last weekend I managed to grab him for a quick interview to talk about the idler lifestyle and the benefits of wild food foraging. Watch the video or if you like to read, … Read more

Frank Cook On Nettle

? Frank Cook (internationally renowned edible wild plant expert) discusses the importance of Nettle (Urtica dioica) as food and medicine. Photo credit: Sassafras Krause Frank gives us a fascinating insight into the many uses of Nettles, and the why it needs to become the national food of England. The nutritional profile of this fantastic plant … Read more

Frank Cook On Blackcurrant

? Internationally renowned edible wild plant expert Frank Cook continues his gentle amble around the Dartington Forest Garden and talks about the importance of Black Currant (Ribes nigrum). Photo credit: Plants and Healers International Although most folk might think Black Currant is a cultivated plant, it is in fact native and can be found wild … Read more

Frank Cook On Dock

? In this 2 part video series Frank Cook discusses the many uses of edible Dock (Rumex spp.) as wild food and herbal medicine. Dock (Rumex spp.) is part of the Buckwheat family (Polygonaceae). In the UK the two common species that you are likely to have come across are, Broad Leaved Dock (Rumex obtusifolius), … Read more

Frank Cook On The Buttercup Family

? As Frank Cook points out in this video there is a spectrum that plants lie on that ranges between Food-Medicine-Poison. Buttercup is in the Medicine-Poison section. Yet more gentle wisdom from this fascinating plant teacher. There are powerful medicinal members of this family (Ranunculaceae)  which includes Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) to … Read more

Frank Cook On A Plants Lifecycle

? A short video where Frank Cook talks about how to approach a plant depending on the type of plant part you are wanting to work with. – Roots: Deep hardy things, and medicines for deep chronic problems. – Stem: Structural support. – Leaves: Nutrients. – Flowers: Mental, emotional states. – Seeds: Are for the … Read more

Frank Cook On The Pine Family

? In this short video Frank Cook (global wild food expert) discusses the many uses of the Pine Family both as a wild food, and medicinally. Did you know that worldwide there are more than 200 species of the Pine Family, and many of them have edible pine needles, and nuts (seeds). Frank reveals that … Read more