Going Indian With Sea Beet

I visited my local estuary the other day now devoid of tourists. The sound of the birds doing their thing that only birds do, the array of deep colours as the estuary falls into its Wintery sleep, the smell of salty air on the breeze and the crashing of the waves in the distance make … Read more

Sea Beet Chowder (Well Maybe)

Sea Beet is young, tender and the precursor to chard and beetroot. With her earthy taste, and uber nutrition, Sea Beet (Beta vulgaris maritima) is one of my all time favourite wild edible greens. Barely a plant one could label as a weed, she sits preening herself down by the estuary, and coast, watching the hurried … Read more

Sea Beet Bubble and Squeak

When I was a youngling aged 9, I distinctly remember being served bubble and squeak at school out of plastic buckets by ‘diner ladies’, who where nothing more than tyrannical old bisoms in disguise. Needless to say such experiences traumatised me to the point that I never wanted to eat cabbage (if it could even … Read more

Wild Sea Beet Salad

Since Beltane (30th April-1st May) the plants have gone bonkers. I’m harvesting wild edible plants to pickle, ferment, cordial and some-such before they go over and past their prime. You gotta reap while Mama Gaia is giving forth her abundance. For this wild salad recipe, I kidnapped a young local girl and encouraged her to … Read more