EP19: The Future of Farming is Foraging

Food pioneers Martin Godfrey and Sara Melendro from Hilltown Organics are revolutionising how we farm. Incorporating wild edible plants into their polyculture farming systems, they grow high-nutrient food plants that are sold at farmer’s markets. According to soil scientists, their revolutionary farming practices have produced some of the richest soil found anywhere in the UK. … Read more

EP18: The Wild Art of Fermentation

Fermented foods are a delicious and rich source of nourishment. The fermentation process can transform the flavour of food from the plain and mundane into delicious flavours enlivened by colonies of beneficial bacteria and enhanced micronutrients. In this episode I talk with former plant biochemist Viola Sampson turned “fermentation passionista” on the benefits of wild … Read more

EP17: Busted By The Cops For Picking A Dandelion

Notorious New York vegan forager Steve Brill was busted by the cops for picking a dandelion. In this interview along with his 12 year old daughter, the father and daughter double-act discuss their foraging antics around New York. While revealing how to craft delicious vegan cuisine from their foraged finds. Including some highly creative ways … Read more

EP16: Herbalists Without Borders Choose Love Over Fear

I was delighted to finally get Becs Griffiths and Annwen Jones. Two members of the collective who organised the Radical Herbalism Gathering, to agree to an interview. This time however I was interested in their new venture called Herbalists Without Borders (Bristol). A cracking example of grassroots herbal medicine which provides free herbal healthcare to … Read more

EP15: The Handmade Apothecary

In this episode I talk with two amazing herbalists about why we need to build ‘health resilience’ using herbal medicine, in an age of NHS cuts and a national health crisis. When is the best time to self-medicate, and when should you visit the doctor? Why modern medicine isn’t always evil, and what our grandparents … Read more

EP14: Why The Balsam Bashers Might Be Wrong

In this episode I discuss with Pete Yeo from Future Flora why invasive plants may actually be good for the environment. Does the science stack up in favour of balsam bashing? As Pete says “What reductionist science would call an opportunist or invader, a more holistic worldview might call a Gaian first responder. Put another … Read more

EP13: Absinthe Alchemy

I’d like introduce you to one of the world’s foremost absinthe experts, and the first person who was able to authentically reproduce the premium quality absinthes from the 19th century. In this latest Eatweeds podcast, T.A. Breaux aka Ted B, takes you on an amazing journey in search of the obscure, the overlooked and forgotten … Read more

EP12: Passion Potions

Many moons ago I met two awesome ‘herbalistas’ called Karen and Fiona at the first Radical Herbalism Gathering (RHG). RHG is definitely a weekend I recommend you get to, if you like earthy herbalists who talk about real issues rather than just how to make your face look pretty with plants! Back then Karen and … Read more

EP11: Intuitive Herbalism

Over the years I have bumped into master herbalist Nathaniel Hughes at various gatherings around the country. We never seemed to be able to spend much time together as our paths where literally criss-crossing. That aside we both recognised that we were on a similar page when it came to meeting and working with plants. … Read more

EP10: The Wild & Wonderful World of Fungi

A walk in the woods fungi foraging with the wild and wonderful Craig Worrall from Edible Leeds. I recently visited Craig at his home in Leeds, and he kindly took me out to one of his favourite fungi patches to talk all things fungi. In this walk in the wilds we discovered Penny Bun, The … Read more

EP09: Foraging With Europe’s Grand Master

Crawling at 5mph it took me ages to drive up the dusty, pot-holed road that led into the depths of wildness where foraging grand master Francois Couplan lives hidden in the depths of Provence, France. If there is one person who I would dearly love to learn more about wild edible plants, then Francois is the … Read more